FEATS 2005, 13-16 May 2005, Hamburg

Venue: Altonaer Theater, Museumstra├če 17, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

A special Web site has been set up to publicise the festival.
Latest photos
For those who expect to have time on their hands during FEATS, here are a few examples of what the Hamburg tourist can see. And for those who have their hands full with a FEATS production: photos of the theatre, showing stage, loading bay, control booth, etc.
Final running order

Friday 13 May

  1. New English American Theater (Stuttgart, Germany) with Old Times by Harold Pinter
  2. AATG (The Hague, Netherlands) with Frankenstein by John Fryer
  3. Tagora (Strasbourg, France) with Two by Jim Cartwright

Saturday 14 May

  1. Out of Attica (Athens, Greece) with MMM by Marq Riley and Lee Robson
  2. CATS (Reindahlen, Germany) with Womberang by Sue Townsend
  3. English Comedy Club (Brussels, Belgium) with The Underground Lovers by Jean Tardieu

Sunday 15 May

  1. Theatre in English (Brussels, Belgium) with Gum & Goo by Howard Brenton
  2. The Bonn Players (Bonn, Germany) with I Can’t Remember Anything by Arthur Miller
  3. The Geneva English Drama Society (Geneva, Switzerland) with My Irish Pal by Charles Slovenski

Monday 16 May

  1. The Stockholm Players (Stockholm, Sweden) with The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe adapted by Nigel Harvey and Katarina Trodden
  2. Entity Theatre Workshop (Munich, Germany) with Mr Nobody by Philip Ralph
  3. BATS (Antwerp, Belgium) with the 2nd act of Ghost Writer by David Tristram

FEATS 2005 documentation

Here are the essential documents you need for FEATS 2005

FEATS poster
FEATS 2005 poster PDF, 602Kb
Ticket booking form PDFMicrosoft Excel FEATS fringe questionnaire PDF FEATS fringe package PDF FEATS hospitality package HTML/PDF Hamburg U-Bahn map
Pictures More photos of the Altonaer Theater