FEATS 2013: selection process under way

Posted by Webmaster (Webmaster) on 30 Jul 2012
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Koninklijke Schouwburg,
 The Hague,
 venue for FEATS 2013The FEATS 2013 organising committee has asked groups to state by the end of September whether they would like to be invited to take part in next year’s festival.

After taking their replies into account, definitive invitations will be sent out on the basis of current standings in the rota system. Last year’s hosts, BATS, are placed automatically at the top of their list, as are any groups that have not previously taken part in the main festival. Apart from these weightings, the rankings are calculated on participation in previous years, with the aim of ensuring a fair rotation.

We expect to be able to announce towards the end of the year which groups have been asked to take part.

AATG’s FEATS 2013 Web site will also have news for performing groups and potential spectators.

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