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Luxembourg European Annual
Theatre Summer School

This year will see the 25th Luxembourg European Annual Theatre Summer School (formerly known as Munsbach) to be held at the end of July – an 8-day, intensive residential course revolving entirely around project work for both directing, acting and music theatre singing students.

An offshoot of both the FEATS community and the erstwhile British Theatre Association, LEATSS 2012 is to be held with the usual backing of the NWTC at the Clairefontaine Centre d'Accueil, on the border between Luxembourg and Belgium, from Saturday 21st to Sunday 29th July inclusive.

The course follows the "Munsbach model" as developed at our original home in Luxembourg by which tutors work with students throughout the day, the various projects interweave and ongoing work is shared. By the end of the week, everyone should have sampled something of the experience of everyone else.

"SIBLINGS or No Siblings Like Show Siblings" is the theme for this year's projects which will be led by tutors Graeme Du Fresne, Course Director (singing options), Annie Tyson (directing and acting), Simone Coxall (acting and devising) and Tony Casement (acting).

For more information check our (ancient, but soon to be replaced!) website at www.munsbach.org.

Like to join us? Just click on to the website for an instant application, or contact Nola Dutton at theduttons@btinternet.com or John Brigg at jbrigg@luxconsult.lu.

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